13 August, 2012

Boy meets Girl

Boys meets Girl. Girl meets Boy. I think I prefer Boy meets Girl xD 
This post is just to talk a lil' bit bout relationships (flow).

Accept me babe xD
 For relationships to start, there's always a pattern (I think). I'm gonna show them through images and captions. Enjoy :o)

Meeting for the first time
Crush - Shy Mode
Chasing mode
If the guy hasn't reached here (above) yet, you'd (I'd) feel like this.

Emo (LOL)
 If it all goes well......

Couple xD 
 If you have an issue with being seen as a couple in public or PDA, you'd be like this.

 Why be together if you don't dare to admit or embarrassed about it!! -.-

And if there is progress, this may (may not) come lol.

Marry much lol

Just married 

Couple Argument lol

Couple Bonding 

This looks so nice xD
 And when everything goes well till the end.

Sooo romantic xD
I'm just posting this for no particular reason actually. Very very random lol. It's okay if you don't agree with me on these things. It's just my preference.

I do not own these images. They are taken from all over the net.

Till then, TTFN.

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