12 September, 2012

Japanese Lunch/日本のひるごはん

今日はFuji Martに行きました。たくさん食べ物を買った。いまお金がないよ >< 
でもすごくうれしいです xD うちにかえるのとき、 私は日本のりょうりを昼ごはんをつくりました。

Today I went to Fuji Mart and bought a lot of food. I'm so broke now ><
But I feel so happy xD When I reached home, I made myself a Japanese-like lunch.
Let me show you.

I made creamy scrambled eggs which I learned from a YouTube video by a Japanese girl named Ochikeron. You can check her out. She makes all kinds of Japanese food. Cute ones too. I like how she explains it in a simple manner which is easy to understand.

Besides that I made instant takoyaki as well. Good stuff ;)

Don't mind the Japanese on the top. I'm practicing lol.

Egg mixture
In this egg mixture, I've added 2 eggs, some milk, some salt and 2 tablespoons of mayonaise. Stir well :)

This mayonaise is quite salty by itself so you don't need to add a lot of salt to the egg mixture if you're gonna use this.

Cooked Prawns
I've added prawns to the scrambled eggs as well. This is optional. Or you could replace it with another ingredient.

Takoyaki Pack
This takoyaki pack is very convenient. All you need to do is microwave it for 4 minutes.

Rice Seasoning
Rice seasoning is to add flavour to your rice. You don't need to use Japanese rice for this (unless for making sushi or onigiri). You can use any type of rice.This pack serves for 4 person.
Add the seasoning to cooked rice.

Rice after adding seasoning
I've placed my rice and flattened it in the bowl. After that, I've place the prawn scrambled eggs on top of the rice and shred seaweed pieces. Adding seaweed is optional.

Takoyaki Finale
After removing the takoyaki from the microwave, shred some seaweed and add some mayonaise.

Calpis Yogurt Drink
I had a cup of this drink together with lunch ^.^

While eating lunch, I watched Dark Shadows lol. It was okay I guess. I would rate it 3/5. 

Till then, TTFN.


If you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to comment as I am interested to hear from you! =)