01 November, 2012

Iphone 4s

Hey all.

It's been ages since I last wrote a post. Seems I had very little to write for last month lol. I was super busy because this week is my final week for presentations and submissions. And the next two next weeks are my moderations. I'm so glad and relieved now that it's all coming to an end. Can't wait for the holidays. YEAH xD

So, in this post I'm gonna talk about Iphone 4s and the covers that I have lol.

How it started..

Last year I was using my mum's spare hand phone cause my hand phone had some problems and it was really annoying and slow. I was using LG Ice Cream in pastel pink and my mum's phone was a Sony Erricson phone (forgot which model). I had always wanted an Iphone but it was too costly to afford it. Because of that, I left it at that because it can't be helped. No money no talk right T.T

Around January 2011, me and my cousin was planning a trip to travel to Japan in April 2012. I was really excited and psyched because Japan is my dream country lol. I was eager to find a part time job. Initially, I was hoping to work in fashion retails but none of them called me back so that was disappointing. 

I was looking around for jobs at Sunway Pyramid (http://www.sunway.com.my/pyramid/) because it was near to where I live and transportation was convenient. I go to Sunway Pyramid so often that I called it my second home lol. So, since none of the fashion retails called me back, I was really desperate. I had to get out of my comfort zone and find jobs that were out of my search list. 

I was walking by Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe (http://www.fullhousecafe.com.my/) and noticed that there was a small flyer pasted on the wall. I went closer to look at it and it said that they were looking for waiters and waitresses. I went in immediately and asked if it was still available. I was given a form to fill in and after I was done, I returned it to them and the manager had a look at it. He was reading through my details and suddenly asked me 'You can speak Japanese?' (I stated that down in the language section). I replied yes and after that he asked me a few questions in Japanese which was quite surprising lol. Quite cool to have a manager who can speak Japanese too ;) I was offered the job a few days later and begun my first day as a waitress.

It was really scary at first. I was really worried about messing up so I didn't take any orders lol. Later on as I worked more often, I gotten used to it and practically memorised the menu. That took time lol. I did mess up a couple of times with some customers and yes, lesson learned. 

So, as I was working at Fullhouse, I was planning on saving my salary to save up for Japan. But guess what, I started working in Feb 2011, and Japan had a terrible tsunami a few months later. I was like, NOOOOOO. Such bad timing. My parents said it's not safe to go with all the radiation that's floating around. So, in the end the Japan trip was cancelled for me. How sad. 

Since no Japan, that's where the thought of getting an Iphone came in lol. I got an Iphone 4 around September 2011. I wanted to get white at first but I got black instead because the sales assistant 'brain washed' me into getting black. He said things like ; 'White Iphone gets dirty easily and white can change to yellow overtime.'. I was dumb to believe him -.- 

Anyway, around January 2012, I was at koibito's house and we were at his living room. I always carry a water bottle around with me wherever I go. Unfortunately, on that day, my water bottle's cap wasn't closed tightly and water leaked into my bag, where my Iphone was. So my phone was swimming in some deep water and it was too late to save it. Water went into the system. I was really upset of course. Sent it for repair and it was still retarded. My mum asked if I wanted to upgrade to an Iphone 4S and I would love to but I felt guilty for the price. In the end, I traded in my Iphone 4 for a 4S which saves a lot of cost. This time, WHITE lol. So I'm using this phone until now and I'm very pleased with it ^-^  I paid half for the phone so I value it very much. And boy do I love my covers lol.

These are the covers that I have with me in Australia. I have plenty more in Malaysia but most of them only fit Iphone 4 :(

I love this cover. It's actually like a pastel green but the filter changed the colour. I got it from Ebay for about $1.30 with free shipping. Can't complain xD I like it because its really slim and the design is cute xD Not too much of a hassle as well.

(Here's the link if you're interested. Its pink though : http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/400310029976?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649)

This cover is originally just a pink rubber jelly case but I've added Rilakkuma stickers on it lol.

This is my Hello Kitty bumper. I got it at Ebay for $3 :)

I got this as a gift from a friend last year. It was RM 30 from Fullhouse lol.

I made this cover xD Not entirely but just the jewels. I bought a clear transparent case from Ebay at $2 and I sticked jewels on it. ONE BY ONE lol. If you plan to do this, a piece of advice from me is; don't ever use top coat nail polish as a touch up on the jewels. I did that without knowing that it removed the glossy and shiny-ness from the jewels. As you can see in the image, there are some jewels that don't sparkle :(

This is an image of my phone with the green case and a taira pluggy lol. The pluggy is available on ebay for $1.50. If you're wondering where's the apple sign, I've pasted a Rilakkuma sticker over it so yeah lol. Did I mentioned my obsession of Rilakkuma? xD

That's my purse.

And that's my laptop xD

The most recent jewelry I bought is this Peter Pan collar necklace from Sports girl. The original price was $9.95 but it had sale and became $4.95. But they had an extra 30% reduction so it became $3.50 lol.

At first I was skeptical to buy it despite it being cheap. I was worried it won't look good or me or I won't suit it. But I thought, what the heck. Get it lol.

And this is how it looks like on me. 

It is rather heavy though. That sucks lol. But overall, its okay. I think? ><

Besides that, since these past few weeks have been a really busy time for me, I didn't realise/pay attention to how messy was my room. And most of all, all these MODELS. WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? @.@

Gosh, what do I do with this mountain? Its taking up so much space. I'm reluctant to throw them away because I put in so much effort and time into making them plus the materials are expensive. AHHH -.- I even counted how many models I have right now.

And I have....

16 models? Nah, more than that. Some went into the recycling bin already. But still, such a space taker @.@

This is one of the models that I made. I really like this one because its of one of those models that I really try my best to make it neat and tidy. Not to mention the amount of effort. And the stairs are so cute lol. I am really reluctant to throw this away because I got a Distinction for this subject LOL.

This is the same model with the roof :)

This is another model for the same project. The aim is to construct a traditional Japanese house in its skeletal form. I didn't construct it in its full skeletal form though. Mine's slightly different ;)

This is another view looking inside the model. It is made out of balsa wood which is quite expensive. Another reason as to why I'm reluctant to throw them away >,<

Well, this is all for now.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Though I think its a lot to read lol.

Till then, TTFN.


If you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to comment as I am interested to hear from you! =)