15 November, 2012

All About Food 2/食べ物のこと2

Hey peeps.

It has been a while since I've blog. I'm so glad that my final submissions are all over. Now I just hope for good results >< 

For this semester, I feel that I've been slacking off too much. Lazy mode and just not enough motivation. Which is bad >< Perhaps cause its heading towards the end of the year and I'm just mentally and physically tired. Sigh. Well, I look forward to holidays and seeing my family and friends again xD (So jealous that koibito goes home first lol)

Despite having a busy time, it doesn't stop me from going out and eating good food xD 

Here are the pics :P

Banana Soy Bean Milk

Double Choc McFlurry

2 weeks ago, I was at koibito's place and at around 1 am plus, he said he was hungry and said 'Let's go to McD.'. And so did we and his housemate xD

I've never done anything like that before. Going out late at night to McDonalds just to buy a snack. It was quite fun though xD We walked for about 10-15 minutes each way. I ordered a McFlurry and to be honest, it was really disappointing for me. The ice cream melted so fast and I guess I didn't like the taste much. I prefer Oreo McFlurry back in Malaysia ><

Fried bread with caramel at Desert Box
 This desert was sooo good xD Located at Lygon Street.

Chocolate Waffle
This waffle was really disappointing as well because the waffle wasn't crunchy nor hard. This waffle was too soft that it kept breaking and falling apart. And it was really expensive :( Its located at Desert Box, Lygon Street as well.

Cupcakes at Starbucks

Classic Beef Burger with Fries at Grill'd

Ikea Food

Ikea Meatballs

Almond Chocolate Cake at Ikea

Cookies and Cream Crepe

Halloween Candy

Banana Nutella Crepe

Chicken Curry Laksa at Laksa Bar, Little La Trobe Street
This is the best Curry Laksa I've ever eaten. No kidding. The first time my friend brought me here, I fell in love with it. I brought koibito and his housemate here as well and they said it's really good too xD Why it is good? It has the creamiest, thick and milky soup ever! (Which I love xD) And they serve fried chicken, fried egg, tofu, tomatoes and eggplants in it ^-^

Japanese Udon at Nama Nama, Spring Street

Bento Box at Nama Nama


Custard Bao

Warm Soy Milk

Ham Carbonara at Copper Wood, Lygon Street

$4 Pizza at Lucky Coq, High Street

Vietnamese Beef Noodles at Glenferrie

Desert at a Turkish Restaurant in Sydney (if I'm not mistaken)

Hot Chococlate at Koko Black
Cream Brule

That's all for the food. Looks good doesn't it xD 

Yesterday I bought a collar clip from Sports Girl. It looked interesting that's why it tempted me lol.

The original price was $14.95 but it had a discount and became $7.95. Another 30% further mark down was on so it became $5.50 in the end :D

I'm not sure why the image is rotated that way but anyway, that's how it looks like :)

And a pic of me wearing all scallop xD

Well, that's all for now. Will keep you posted on more posts. Hopefully lol. 

Till then. TTFN.

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  1. nice post mei! the fried bread with caramel looks so yummy and the scallop shorts cute! i like the collar clips!!!! but so exp... =( and the banana nutella crepe looks yummy.. haiz.. =D


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