17 December, 2012


Hey all!

I know its been ages since the last post but here I am now! xD 

I returned to Malaysia from Australia last month and ever since then, this is the third time I'm using my laptop lol. When I just came back from Australia, I chilled in Malaysia for about a week and went to Taiwan for a week as well. After Taiwan, I went to Singapore for a few days and I just came back 2 days ago. So yeah, have been pretty busy lol.

In this post I'll just post pics of the trip in Taiwan  followed by home sweet home, Malaysia xD 

Will post bout Singapore in another post perhaps lol.
I'll start off with Malaysia :)

Roti Telur Banjir

Me camwhoring at Forever21 xD

Eggs Benedict

Its so good to be home! xD Everything is much cheaper and I don't have to convert everything when I see the price. The only turn off is that its sooo warm and hot. On the second day in Malaysia, I wore the most thinnest (or should I say nearly transparent) blouse and I'm still sweating lol. The transition of cool weather to humid weather has taken its toll on me and my face ><  

Another thing is that, I missed Malaysian food so much in Australia that I tried to console myself by eating 'Malaysian' food in Australia (which wasn't the same of course) before I came home. So when I came back, immediately the next day I ate roti canai at mamak xD

I know that the pictures above are mainly western food. Its just that I didn't think of taking pictures of the local food before lol.

Next up, Taipei - Taiwan :)

Panda at Taipei Zoo! xD

Milk bread, Milk ice cream and Milk! xD

Me and a penyet bear lol

Strawberries :)

Ted! xD

Milk Bread 

Cute and colourful WC xD

Me lol

Taiwan was alright in overall. I enjoy strolling in their night markets and eating their street food. The night markets and street food are generally cheaper. Branded goods are expensive there like the price was hiked up so something. I ate oyster omelette 3 times during the whole trip lol. 

During this trip, me and my family went on a tour for 4 days and the remaining 3 days we were on our own. The tour was a lil disappointing for me. Firstly, it was conducted in Mandarin the whole time. I'm a pure banana which makes it hard to understand the details of what the tour guide was explaining. My knowledge of mandarin is very very basic so yeah. I'm a no no in Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka and any other dialects you can think of lol. Other than that, it was disappointing as well because the bus ride will go on for hours and take us to a remote area. When we arrive to each destination, the 'thing' that was supposed to attract tourist wasn't that great. Me and my brother's reaction was like 'What? This is it?'. 

Another factor which was a turn off during the tour was the rain. It kept raining when we went up to the mountains and it was so misty which made it hard to see. Everyone either had to have an umbrella or a poncho or just both. Well, it was early winter when we went so I guess its normal. It rains a lot as well in Australia during winter.

I'm not dissing Taiwan or anything. It's just personal preference. Maybe its just the locations that were set by the tour that wasn't so great. I'm not saying Malaysia has WOW attractions as well. So to anyone, don't take it personally.

After the tour, me and family moved around on our own. We visited the Taipei Zoo which is very nice. My first time seeing a panda lol. We went to see the Museum as well which was also very good. It was only very crowded because there were many tourists. Besides that, we went to a few night markets like Ximending, Shihlin, and Wu Fun Pu. I hope I spelled that right >< 

And I'm so jealous that Taiwan has so cute and korean-ish designs!! In terms of clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes. The people there are really fashionable from how I see it which is so nice to observe xD

So yeah. That basically concludes my trip lol. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Till then, TTFN.

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