09 January, 2013

End of December

Hey all!

This is my first post for 2013!

For this year, I have to be strict with myself as it is my final semester. I'm so strict that I've set rules for myself T.T  This is to keep me motivated and passionate or not I'll just be a plain lazy fart xD Besides that, it's also in case my fire dies down halfway which I predict it will lol. In terms of studies that is ><

The rules that I've set for studies are;

1) Don't produce last minute work  and assignments. (Very hard to say but I shall try xD)

2) Don't procrastinate. (Another hard one lol)

3) Work hard to learn more and get good results/outcomes.

4) Have more effort to read up and research to always be a step forward. (Then again, I shall try my best lol)

Last but not least,

5) Enjoy my last semester of Uni life before I graduate and work (I feel so scared somehow ><)

I really appreciate uni life now after I started my internship at C'arch, an architect firm. Working hours are 9am-6pm. After work, I will get stuck in a jam for at least 40 minutes. When I arrive home, I just feel so exhausted and I wanna relax. 

There's not enough time to hang out with friends, go mamak at night, shop (noo! ><), spend time with family, blog, work out and time with my koibito ><  Therefore, I really appreciate the freedom in uni life lol.

After I graduate, I have to find a job already T.T And because of that, I've already started searching online though I haven't started my final semester lol. I don't want to burden my parents with financial issues any longer. 

But I have this fear that when I get a job (or if lol), I won't be good enough and I'll just be a slowpoke who doesn't understand what needs to be done and if I am capable of getting it done correctly ><  Ah so much worries. I'm just worried that I won't be good enough T.T That's why I NEED these goals. Being strict to myself lol.

Also, I can't believe how fast time flies. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I have to face the fact that I have to be an independent adult soon and not daddy's girl anymore T.T

P/S : I've been really busy with my internship that I hardly have any time to blog! :(

I know that I got carried away with my 2013 rules and out of topic lol. Let's get back to it xD

Few weeks ago, I went out with Melissa (a.k.a Estelle Sak) and we had an enjoyable time just the two of us after I've been in Australia for a year. 

We've been friends since we were 13 years old! xD

We went to KLCC during the Christmas season and boy was it crowded lol.

Here are some pics of us! xD

Ah my hair looks so healthy xD

And so many pimples on my face ><

Musical Fountain

Ben's Cheeseburger

Awkward lol

Nice deco :)
It was nice while it lasted :) 

And on Christmas eve, Melissa came over to my place for me and my brother's homecooked dinner xD I don't have pictures of the food though ><

Me and her again xD

Here are some pictures of my nails as well lol.

I was in the mood to add some design to my nails lol. My right hand was quite ugly ><

Without filter under the sunlight :)
I'm usually not a fan of glitter nail polish because they're so hard to remove but this one was an exception :)  It's my sister's nail polish not mine xD

Oh. Let's not forget food. Going back to Australia soon better enjoy the food here while I can xD

(Absolute Chocolate at Secret Recipe)

Penguin Dark Chocolate
That's all for this post.

Let me end with a picture of me and my brother xD

Look like twins? xD

Till then, TTFN!

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