11 January, 2013

Introducing my Sister : BeauteeBeauty

Suddenly I'm back into the blogging mood and I'm trying to be diligent in posting new posts xD

This post I'm gonna be talking about my sister lol.

Introduction : 

Her name is Amanda. She is a year older than me (not mentioning my age lol) and is currently pursuing a Law degree in UK. 

While I'm in Australia, she's at the other side of the world. It feels so far. I miss her! >< 

She talks a lot lol. But other than that, she's rather bubbly. Fierce at times as well xD

To cut short, my sister is really into make-up and fashion. Her fashion and accessories taste is very different from mine. I'm into sweet and girly (not to mention korean/japanese-ish) fashion whereas she's into sexy and woman-like fashion lol.

I'm not really interested in make-up as much as her but I still do have some interest lol.

Amanda loves make-up so much that she devotes her time into reviewing make-up and beauty products in her blog lol. Perhaps I got influenced by her xD

Anyway, if you are interested in make-up and beauty products, you can always check out her blog! =)

Her blog is Beautee Beauty

Her reviews are purely from her own opinion and experience from using the product. I must say, they are rather detailed and accurate lol.

Because she reviews beauty and make-up products, she has tons of it! Lol. And now that she's in UK, guess who's using the products she left behind? xD Hehehe.

Here are some pictures of me and her! xD

Do we look alike? xD

The last pic, from left to right is AmandaMelissa and me! xD 

These pictures were taken before I left to Australia which was around Jan - Feb 2012. 

How time flies =(

That's all for now. Do check her out! xD

Till then, TTFN.

P/S: My sis isn't aware that I'm posting about her. But she will find out soon! xD

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