13 January, 2013

Problematic Skin

Hello everyone!

Have you ever felt this way?

You just woke up from your sleep and the first thing you do is look at the mirror. Your face. And you see a whole load of pimples/acne. That actually hurt and throb if you accidentally brushed up against it. And then you feel like you don't have the self confidence and self-esteem to look and feel pretty for the day.

 I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way! ><

During my O-levels exam (17 years old), I had a huge break out of acne all over my face. especially my forehead. And they hurt so much! Ever since then, I just kept on getting pimples and acne all the time. Even on my back. That's why I don't dare to wear any bare-backs or clothing that will reveal the back. It's so sad. I envy people with fantastic skin! T.T

I've tried various skin care products and nothing seems to work! It's really frustrating when you keep on trying and hope that things will get better but they don't. Sometimes it gets worst -.-

I even went to see a dermatologist to check out what's wrong with me. The doctor told me that its hormonal imbalance and there's nothing I can do bout it but just wait for it to go away.

That really does not comfort me. What if they don't go away? T.T 

I'm so jealous when I see people with clear and fair skin. Not to mention anti scars as well! No fair!

I have scars and marks on my face from previous break outs. I attended facial treatment previously and gosh was it torturous! There was a moment when I was undergoing extraction and it hurt so bad that I teared up. Why suffer right? T.T

The dermatologist recommended me to take either Antibiotics for my skin or Roaccutane. He said that Roaccutane works 98% faster (if I'm not mistaken) therefore I chose that.

I was advised to consume 10mg (1 pill) per day. As a result, my skin was super dry until it was flaking, my lips hurt and the skin on my fingertips were peeling. These are normal reactions to anyone who consumes this medication.

Not only that but I had other side effects as well. I had dry eyes, blur vision, back ache, and headaches. People in the UK and Europe consume about 70mg per day! I can't imagine how dry their skin will be!

But other that that, I can say that it has helped me quite a bit. But I do not recommend people to consume this as it is very strong. 

Besides that, did you know? While consuming Roaccutane, you must never ever ever get pregnant! If so, your baby will have defects. How scary! ><  After consuming it, you have to wait for 1 month till you can try for a baby. It is that strong lol.

Here are some pictures of me before and after Roaccutane.

No filter or edit!

When I just started consuming Roaccutane

After 3 weeks

The acne has subsided. They aren't as big and painful as before but I still do have some tiny pimples popping out here and there -.-

So for now, I've stopped consuming Roaccutane as my mum disagrees with it after seeing all of the side effects that it has caused me.

At the moment, I'm using a facial cleanser from the same dermatologist and I find that it helps me. Compared to other commercial skin care products that is lol.

Gel based

Becomes foamy easily after lathering
I like the fact that it is a gel based facial cleanser. All you have to do is squirt out a tiny drop and it will be more than enough to wash your face. It is also fragant free!

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on any skincare products that you would like to share? Or are you facing this similar situation? If so, please comment as I would like to hear your say! =)

That's all for now. 

Till then, TTFN!

P/S : With skin like this, I can't think of wearing make-up at all T.T

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