27 April, 2013

April Make-Up 2013 Haul

My previous post was April Haul but this one is April Make-Up Haul. This is because, April hasn't ended yet so more things are added to the haul xD

I didn't include these make-up items in my previous post because I bought them after I blogged ><

I spent so much this month. I feel bad. Therefore, I have to control my spending from now onwards. 

And starting from May, I will try to find myself a part time job. I wanna save money to go Japan! My bucket list wish xD Hopefully I can find a retail part time job. I'm sick of being a waitress -.-

Before the pictures, you must know that I bought all these make-up/cosmetics on a 40% discount!. It was only a 2 day promotion. I am soooo glad that I managed to buy some before it ended xD 
(The discount was the only reason I bought them)

And here they are! :D

1) Maybelline - Baby Lips Color Lip Balm

I have tried the lipbalm on the left and I do not really like it. This is because it has a very strong chemical scent and taste when I applied it on my lips. The colour is obvious after I apply two coats. 

I am yet to try the lipbalm on the right and review it. 

2) Australis - Baby Doll Blush

(Have not tried)

3) Essence - Eyebrow Stylist Set

(Have not tried)

 4) Kate Rimmel Lipstick

This is my newest lipstick and I love it! :D It has a slight faint fruity scent on the lipstick. It is also one of the lightest and sweetest shade that I have so far. The texture is alright but it can become slightly dry if I do not apply a coat of lip balm above it. 

I usually apply two coats of lipstick for the colour to be nice and bright :)

5) Essence Eyeshadow

I've tried the bottom two eyeshadows and what I can say about them is that the colour isn't very strong. Therefore, I need to apply many coats before the colour and shimmer become obvious.

6) Savvy Precision Pen

Functions as a Maker Eyeliner Pen. The tip is really pointy which makes it precise and accurate to draw on your eyes.

7) Top     : Modelsprefer - Medium Eyebrow Pen

    Bottom: Essence         - Blonde Eyebrow Pencil

I've tried the Modelsprefer eyebrow pen on my eyebrows once and it is too light for me lol. The reason I bought them was because I thought I needed a lighter eyebrow colour because my brown hair became slightly faded. But in the end, I'll just stick to dark brown ><

And by using the Savvy Precision Pen, Essence Eyeshadows and Kate Rimmel Lipstick, I came up with this look:

And honestly, it took me more than 45 minutes to apply the eyeliner!! That's how terrible I am in make-up ><

I hardly wear make-up because it is either I'm too lazy, I don't have enough time (because I take too long), or my skin condition is so bad that I don't have self confidence to apply make-up ><

And guess what. I applied the make-up around 11.15am and I finished around 12pm. I went out to the city today and when I came back (around 10pm) I didn't realise that my eyeliner smudged under my eyes!! And I kept wondering why people kept looking at me in the train. I'm so embarrassed >< Hehe.

Even after trial and error, I'm happy that I managed to even achieve that ><

Practice makes perfect! :)

I haven't tried all of the cosmetics that I bought so I shall review them in another post :)


I have watched Ironman 3! xD It was really good and enjoyable. I think it is the best Ironman movie among all. Action all the way. I would rate it 8.5-9/10 xD

At the cinema, I took a random picture of Monsters Inc University life sized dolls lol.

I showed this necklace in my previous post and I finally wore it. I absolutely love it! xD Hehe. 

That's all for this post. Thank you for reading :)

What a beautiful rainbow :) 


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