23 April, 2013

April 2013 Haul


Come stai? :D

As of today, imma happy girl! xD For the moment at least. I've just submitted one of my submissions this morning and I'm free for now. After my submission, I enjoyed my free time cleaning the toilet and kitchen lol. Perfect isn't it? xD

I tried to write Italian above but all I could come up with was Hello and How are you? LOL. Did I mention before that I took up Italian as one of my electives last year? IT WAS SO HARD. But it was really interesting. I almost failed though ><

Anyway, I gonna post some images of the items I bought during April :D

Valley Girl, Jewel Hair Pins - $2.95 (Sale)

Valley Girl, Cross Diamond Hoops - $2.95 (Sale)

Colette, Silver Jewel Studs - $6.50 (Sale)

Colette, Jewel Necklace - $9.95

I fell in love with this necklace at first sight! xD Maybe because it was so shinny lol. This necklace wasn't on sale though. And I've just realised that I bought much more accessories then I did before. Usually its clothes.

Parade, White Dress - $20

This is another item that I fell in love with :P It was the last piece in the shop and thank goodness I could fit into it. It is a size 6 ><

Can you see how far down the cleavage goes? xD (I did not buy it for that reason!)

Nicki Minaj EDP - $49 (Sale)

And of course, not forgetting this perfume lol. I posted about it in my previous post but I'm gonna show it here again because it is part of my haul.

April is ending soon! And winter is coming. Its getting pretty chilly lately. Not sure if I can wear me skirts during winter ><

For now, I will still wear them xD 


I am so so glad that my face has cleared up from the acne! It has been painful for the past few days and my face has been pretty bad as well ><

But now that the monthly visitor has arrived, they're slowly disappearing ^-^

This is where it stops now. Thank you for reading! :)

Till then, TTFN!

That's so me xD

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