07 February, 2014

W-Fold Eyelids Liquid by Be Creation

Today's post will be a product review of W-Fold Eyelids Liquid by Be Creation.

I felt experimental to try something new - double eyelid glue. I suck in wearing double eyelid sticker so, I was hoping glue would be easier. And it is! :D

Product Info:
Origin: Made in Japan
Price : RM22.90
Outlet: Sasa, Aeon Wellness

The description on the packaging is all written in Japanese. My Japanese is not that advanced so, sorry there won't be an explanation! ><  I hope the images on the packaging helps!

The tip of the brush is very thin and slim, hence, allowing easy application.

How I wore it:
1) Wipe of excess oil and dirt off your eyelids
2) Use the "Y" fork provided to find your desired double eyelid
3) Apply the glue
4) Leave the glue on for 5-10 seconds on your eyelids
5) Use the "Y" fork to press in your double eyelid

For the final result!

I have double eyelids! Lol. I felt so strange because my eyes became really round and big. When I removed the glue, I couldn't recognise myself lol. 

Application wise, it is very easy to apply and to remove the glue. Before removing, take a damp cotton and hover over the glue that are on your eyelids. After that, the glue will clump together and just fall off!

This is a picture of the before and after;

Left: After, Right; Before

I really think that there's a huge difference lol.

I don't have much information to provide about this product but I found a link that might help! You can check it out here.

Initially, I was keen to try Eye Talk (image below) but I thought it was rather pricy. If I'm not mistaken, it costs RM42.90. I don't know if I would pay that much for glue though I've read good reviews about it.

(Image from Google)

After all that's said and done, I need to be hardworking and not lazy to wear this double eyelid glue. Or not my money will go to waste! ><

I hope this post has been helpful in any way :)


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