12 February, 2014

5 Handmade Valentine's Gifts

Here is another Valentine's post!

I just realised that Vday is just 2 days away from today! If you couldn't think of anything to give to your lover (only if you want to), why not make something instead? :D

Suitable for male and females :)

1) Valentines Card

The good ol' Valentine's card. Nothing beats creativity and originality! You can customise how big/small, how you want the card to look like, colour, fonts, and even your own secret message :P

2) Scrapbook

I think that scrapbooks would be a beautiful gift to receive and to give. I would love to receive one one day! >< I made a scrapbook for Melissa before on her 21st birthday. It took me quite a while to complete it because I was studying as well. Scrapbooks are just filled with love, creativity and EFFORT. The content of the scrapbook can be filled with - how you two met, what did you guys do on your first date, where would you both like to travel to, etc.

3) Home-cooked meal/Candle light dinner

This would be sooooo romantic xD Extra points if you cooked this meal by yourself! Don't just think that this is what guys would do for girls. Girls, do it for him too. He will see your effort, your love, and just how fabulous your cooking is! :D

4) Valentine's Vouchers

These vouchers can either be handmade by you, or you can find the suitable voucher set online and just print them out :) They spice things up and draws one another closer to each other. What a fun and interesting gift! Extra points if you handmade them yourself - you get to customise the content of the vouchers *wink wink*

5) Paper Flower Bouquet

Take the time and effort to learn how to make your own flower bouquet! This gift not only shows that you took the extra mile but, it can last way longer than a real flower bouquet! 

I hope this post has been helpful to you lovebirds :)

I know I should have posted this earlier because handmade goods really require a lot of time and effort, but, I lost track of time lol >< 

Note: Images from Google


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