09 August, 2012

Anime photos/アニメの写真

During my break time today (work), I went to uni to print some docs but ended up doing other things on the net (as usual). I went to www.weheartit.com and came across so many beautiful anime pictures that I just had to save them in my collection. 

I feel so satisfied =3

Let me show you why.  

I will start off with the water colour effect anime followed by the neon-ish effect.

Water colour effect :

They look so graceful and beautiful. I wish I can draw anime like that (I can't even draw anime) and edit them till they are this beautiful. I am so happy to even have these pictures xD

Next, the Neon-ish effect :

I realised that most of the pictures I found, blue is emphasised. Makes it too similar in a way even though the colour stands out and contrast. Anyhow, still beautiful :)

These are not all the images I have. I have more ;) But I thought it will be too much to see all in one shot so I shall post them up in the upcoming posts. 

I do not know any of this anime characters nor do I own these pictures. As I mentioned above, I got them off a website. I really appreciate and salute the people who took the time to draw and edit these images. Well done :)

Will keep you posted. TTFN.

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