10 August, 2012

Daiso and Stickers

I made a trip to the new Daiso in the city last week and bought a bunch of stuff (unnecessary).
Daiso is located at Shop 204, Midtown Plaza, 246 Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000. It is right beside the Telestra building. It's sign board shows Dick Smith as well.

It's quite big I must say. Bigger than Malaysia's one perhaps. But in Australia, everything in Daiso is A$2.80. Whereas in Malaysia its RM 5 per item. And in Singapore its $2 per item. Not sure which is cheaper.

Let's see what we have here (totally unnecessary items) :

Chocolate Moulds
 I bought this to make DIY chocolate moulds. Will talk about it in the upcoming posts.

Green Tea Biscuits
 When I was at the food section, the biscuits appealed to me. There was Green Tea, Milk, Strawberry and Chocolate. I couldn't decide which flavour to buy. So with the help of a friend (Thank you xD), she said 'Get Green Tea' and so I did.

It wasn't that great. I couldn't taste much of the Green Tea flavour. The biscuit itself overpowered the Green Tea. And it's not very sweet (if you like that). But it is an addictive snack (somehow).

The Lucky Cats
 When I saw this cat, I grabbed it immediately LOL. It was really unnecessary but I fell in love with it when I first saw it even though I don't believe in it being lucky. I just had to get a pair. One left and one right.
Lucky Cat Stickers
This was another one that I fell in love with. And I didn't mind paying for this one because I love to collect stickers as part of my collection. There was another sticker similar to this one except it was the kimono range. I was thinking real hard which one should I get and my dear* friend told me I could only get one and she helped me pick this one. This was ncecessary xD

Aside from Daiso, last Thursday I met up with a friend in the city. Before meeting up, I went to a shop in China Town, Little Bourke St and bought Rilakkuma Stickers. I love Rilkkuma so much xD

If you love Rilakkuma, this would be nothing LOL. I would love to get a Rilakkuma plushie but my heart always ached when I saw the price tag :(  Will save up for it perhaps.


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