02 March, 2013

On the day and after

Hello there! :)

I'm back in Australia y'all xD

Finally I have the time to blog since I've arrived! Hehe.

This post is about the day of my flight back to Melbourne and what I did after I arrived :) Not literally right after I arrived but you know lol.

On the day of my flight (which is at night), I went for a haircut again xD I know I cut my hair just recently but it was growing long again. Too soon lol.

So, I decided my hair until my collar bone this time :)

Oh! And I bought a new lipstick ><  I'm wearing it in the picture above lol.

NYX Lipstick in Fire Colour :)

The day before my flight, I bought this lipstick from Sephora, Paradigm Mall for RM19. Happy xD

This lipstick becomes rather dry on my lips after a short while therefore it makes my lips feel uncomfortable. Because of that, I have to apply 1-2 layers of this lipstick and then apply 1 layer of lip balm on top of it to keep it moisturised. 

Anyway, on the day of my flight, I had lunch with Melissa at Levain :)

Melissa picked me up from my house and along the way, we got lost for about 45 minutes - 1.5 hours. If we're not lost, we're stuck in a massive jam. It's either these two lol. But this does not happen all the time! Just a few times xD

We had our lunch around 3.30pm and boy were we hungry xD

At Levain, I ordered Beef Aglio Olio and Mango Juice. Yay! xD

The food was really good but I did not feel full and satisfied after eating this. I was still hungry xD

So....I ordered dessert! :D

After eating and chit chatting, which was around 4.40pm I had to rush home to finalise my packing. When we left, we got stuck in a heavy traffic jam for about 1 hour. And the jam was totally unnecessary -.-

When I reached home, I showered, locked up my luggage, ate dinner and went to the airport. Settled the check in and was ready for my flight. 8 hour flight. I'm glad it was at night so that I could sleep and time will pass by faster lol.

By the time I reached my apartment in Melbourne, the only thing I could think of was, SHOWER lol. And brush my teeth of course hehe. 

Started to unload my luggage and sort things out. By the time I finished unpacking, koibito arrived at my place. Just in time for lunch :)

By the way, did I tell you before that koibito studies in Melbourne as well? Maybe I did lol.

And we had......Japanese food. How asian lol.

Curry Katsu Don
We had sashimi as well but I didn't take a photo lol.

After that, we chilled and hung out the whole day. Bought groceries as well and cooked lol. And the next day, I met up with a friend at Lucky Coq, High Street.

We had good $4 pizza. Yeah xD

Salmone Pizza

Koibito had 2 pizzas lol. 

After lunch, koibito headed home and I continued to chill with my friend. We walked around Chapel St and decided to get a cup of chocolate. 

Not just any chocolate. Lindt's chocolate xD

Iced Milk Chocolate

It was sooo good and yummy :) My first time too ><

After chocolate break, my friend had to be somewhere else so he walked me home and that was it for the day.

Well, that's all for this post. Will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading! :)

Till then, TTFN!

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