03 March, 2013

To the City!

Just the other day, I went out with my girl friend, Maria, to the city to hang out :)

Oh I missed her xD

We chatted, ate, and shopped. Not really shopped but window shopped lol. Most importantly, spent time together xD

We met at Flinder's Street Station and I decided to eat at Nama Nama, Spring Street. She made me decide where to eat lol. 

Nama Nama is a Japanese restaurant and what I really like about it is for their good food (of course lol), Japanese waitress/waiters, and the fact that they use sustainable materials in the interior and for their furniture. I support! xD

The both of us were really hungry so we ordered Sushi and Udon :)

Mine was Unagi and Tamago sushi whereas Maria's Sushi was Tuna and Mayo Sushi.


I ordered Udon with Pork, Vege and Quail Eggs. Oh soo good xD

It costs $15. Quite pricy ><

Another picture of my Udon because it just so good xD

This is Maria's Udon. She ordered plain Udon with spring onions and topped up an egg :)

After lunch, we headed to Myers (or was it David Jones?) to have dessert at Brunetti xD  

Ice cream :)

While eating Ice cream, Maria asked me to open the gifts she got for me (she handed them to me earlier at lunch). 

And.........these are what she gave me! :D

Oh! I like them so much! Thank you again Maria! xD

She's an ASOS fan lol. Such a nice girl too xD

After dessert, we walked around for a bit and we checked up on the perfume section. And my new wish list item is.....

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume! xD

Image from Google
This is how the bottle looks like. Cute isn't it? xD 

It isn't out in Malaysia yet. I think its quite new as well in Australia. And the original price is $89.90 @.@ I shall wait for the price to drop and then I might consider buying.

The scent of this perfume is a mixture of bubblegum and cotton candy. To me lol. From this you can tell its a sweet scent eh? The scent is not very strong and that's why I like it. It's not too strong until you feel you will get a headache lol. 

One thing I really like bout Australia is that, the perfumes are cheap. Well, at least cheaper than Malaysia lol. I bought 2 perfumes from here and its so much cheaper! Will show you in another post :) By the way, the perfumes are not fake or pirated. 

The current sale I saw at Priceline Pharmacy has;

1) Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid Perfume 30ML now at $29!

Image from Google

2) Katy Perry Purr Perfume 50ML now at $25!

Image from Google
3) Mariah Carey Perfume (Various Scent) now at $19!

(Sorry I can't remember the amount of ML)

Image from Google
There were more but these are what I remembered. 

I've bought Mariah Carey's perfume before (Blue bottle) as a gift to my Aunt. Sorry I can't remember the name as well.

I was really thinking whether I should get Lady Gaga's Fame and Katy Perry's Purr perfume. But in the end, I decided not to get it. Because I know that I really want Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday xD

Anyway, back to topic lol.

After browsing around, me and Maria decided to head home. We got tired I guess lol.

When I reached home, I had a nice shower and had my dinner. Decided to pamper myself as well xD

Wore a face mask hee! 

I got this mask from It's Skin for free! I only got it for FOC because I spent a certain amount lol. I received 2 masks actually. 

I've used this mask first when I was back in Malaysia.

I'm not sure if its me or the product, but when I used these masks, I did not get any breakouts or rashes after it. That's a good sign! :D

My face was very moisturised and fresh after removing the mask :)

Oh. And today, as in 3rd March 2013, I painted my nails again. By myself this time lol.

I was searching for a Barbie Pink colour and I finally found it! xD

I got this at The Face Shop for RM5.90. So pink :) And my nails are quite messy lol.

I think that's all for this post. Stay tuned for more! xD

Me when I had longer hair ><
Till then, TTFN!

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