02 March, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Influence!

Recently, I have been browsing Tokyo Fashion a lot, and I came across some street snaps that I thought are cute, funky and awesome :D

Here are some of them;


Here's the link.


Here's the link.

I really love her hair!


Here's the link.


Here's the link.

I love how she rock's her fashion in white! <3


Here's the link.

She's my favourite! I absolutely love this! <3 She looks so cute, I just wanna hug her LOL.

I realised that most of them do not wear stockings/tights when they wear skirts. Even if they did, its really thin! But isn't Tokyo like really cold now?!?! Lol.

I've been really interested and experimental in Japanese fashion lately. Maybe its because I'm gonna to Tokyo soon lol.

Lately, I'm really interested in;

1) Stripes

2) Plaids

3) Platform Shoes/Heels/Sandals

Source: ASOS

4) Socks over stockings

Here's the link.

Might be too hot for Malaysia weather lol.

5) Suspenders

6) Denim Overalls

Source: Google

7) High Neck Tops and High Waist Shorts

Source: Google

This sums up the post. Ah, I need to save up a lot of money for this lol.


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