02 March, 2014

Wisdom Tooth Removal Experience

I got my wisdom tooth extracted last Monday, and I'm gonna share about the procedure!

As usual (I complained before), my gum hurt so much that I was referred to an oral surgeon to get it removed by my dentist. So yup, I went.

It was a really really quick procedure. The dentist told me it could be done in less than 30 minutes, so I was like okay, bring it on!

Took a quick X-Ray of my mouth, injected anesthetic into my nerves about 3 times and waited about 5 minutes for it to take place. And then, he began the minor surgery! 

I closed my eyes the whole time because I was too nervous to see what tools he put into my mouth ><  Luckily the left side of my gum was completely numb - I couldn't feel anything at all. The dentist started the procedure and all I could feel was pressure; like pulling and tugging on my teeth. It was bearable. 

The dentist was so pro that he pulled out my wisdom tooth and stitched it in within 15 minutes. There you have it. All within 15 minutes! I was shocked. THAT WAS SUPER FAST!

And yeah, I had to take pain killers and antibiotics. I couldn't brush my teeth on the first day because the wound was still so raw, it bled so so much. Also, a very very helpful piece of advice; eat painkillers before the anesthetic wears off!! I didn't know that and when the anesthetic wore off, I was in UNBEARABLE PAIN. I felt like; kill me now T.T

I suffered on the first day, but by the second day, the pain reduced by 70%. On the third day, it wasn't pain anymore. THANK GOD! I'm so happy that I got it removed and all healed up now before I fly off to Tokyo and start my first job ><

Also, I asked the dentist back for my wisdom tooth because I was curious. My tooth was so big and healthy! It was so new and white and clean and beautiful! I sound like the tooth fairy from Rise of the Guardians lol. But it was infected several times so it couldn't be saved. Poor tooth :( I threw it away already ><

Everyone will experience the pain and healing process differently. I was lucky that my wound healed within 2 days. The dentist also told me that my surgery was really easy because there was no bone involved.

Another thing, after the anesthetic wore off, my left jaw was swollen for at least 3 days. It was painful to touch! ><

What to do after you got your wisdom tooth extracted?
1) Avoid eating hot foods - try to eat cold food like ice cream or yogurt
2) Avoid exercising 
3) Avoid gargling/brushing your teeth on the first day
4) Eat your meds - finish your antibiotics
5) Drink a lot of water - your wound may hurt a lot but you shouldn't avoid water at this moment

The pain in my mouth was really really bad on the first day. So what I did was; I ate ice cubes. Do not bite the ice nor suck hard on it. Just let it melt in your mouth; especially near your wound. You can put some ice cubes in a piece of cloth to numb your jaw. Trust me, it helps! I ate at least 10 cubes of ice lol. Drink iced water too!

If you are planning to get your wisdom tooth removed, please read this post thoroughly! 

I hope my experience has been helpful!


  1. Ohhh that must have hurt. I remembered when I had mine removed. It took me weeks to recover from the pain. But good dentists are really heaven-sent. They make the experience a deal more comfortable, and all you really have to worry about is the after-extraction experience. These are nice tips, by the way. It'll definitely help those who plan to have their wisdom tooth removed. I hope you're doing fine this April!

    Jason @ Metro Dental

  2. Awww! Wisdom tooth exraction is really painful, but totally worth it. It may take much to recover from it, but I know you did it well because of the tips you shared. Thanks for sharing your experience, as well as for guiding us on what and what not to do after the procedure. All the best to you, Rachel!

    Milton Wilson @ A Plus Family Dentist


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