06 April, 2014


I've been MIA for about a month now, but I'm back! 

I've been back from Japan for about 3 weeks now and I haven't blogged since then >< Been very busy and have very little time for myself. 

I will blog about my Tokyo trip in another post, but for now, this will be an update post :)

1) Welcome to working life

I finally got a job and I started working right after I came back from Tokyo. I've worked for 3 weeks only and, so far so good. I'm learning a lot through bits and pieces. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to learn from my colleagues in ways you never learnt in university lol.

Also, my working hours are from 10AM -7PM and I work right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Travelling to and fro takes me about 2-3 hours a day. After I end work, I take a train home, quick shower, quick dinner, relax and watch anime and sleep. Repeat lol.

So yeah, working really takes up a lot of time, therefore, weekends are so PRECIOUS ><

2) Hair update

Its been a while since I've been thinking of doing something to my hair. Also, I started to really dislike my bleached blonde hair because the colour is horrendous, my hair is really really dry, and its basically dead lol.

So! I decided to chopped them off xD

And this is my new hair now!

Okay, the tips of my hair still have some bleached bits but I'm so much happier without the rest of it :D

3) Anime

The anime that I was watching is Hunter x hunter. After watching that, I decided to watch a new anime. So, I browsed through Kiss Anime and came across quite a few interesting anime. But! The anime that I decided to watch first is Free! lol.

I heard that this anime is really popular, but, I didn't have the slightest clue about what the story was about. 

Yes yes its about sports and swimming - that sounded pretty normal; quite similar with Prince of Tennis. But when I started watching, it was eye candy all the way xD

The characters are really good looking and they're so cool xD Plus, since its about swimming, they're topless half of the time - nice bods lol.

RIGHT?!?!! xD

These two are my favourite characters; Rin and Haru.

4) Holiday Planning

Since I started working, holidays are really precious. I've only started working for 3 weeks and I'm thinking of my next holiday already lol.

I was thinking of planning a trip this mid year to either Seoul, Korea or, your's truly, Japan lol.

Surprisingly, the air flight is reasonable! That makes me more tempted ><

I miss Tokyo already T.T I will definitely go back someday :D 

5) Gunz 2

I don't know if you could see this coming, but, I am a gamer lol. I really enjoy shooting games like Gunz, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, House of the Dead, Battlefield? Lol.

Anyway, I played Gunz a lot when I was 13 - played till level 30+ but then I stopped because I got bored and had to study.

So, this year, Gunz 2 was released and I played it again. It really brings back a lot of memories lol. How nice me and koibito play Gunz together :P

I stopped playing since I went to Japan though lol.

And now, some random food pictures. I realised I haven't posted food pics in a long time lol.

This is the best burger ever! - Soft Shell Crab Bruger at Jibby & Co.

My first time drinking Vietnamese Dip Coffee at Absolute Viet. Even though I dislike coffee, this is by far the best coffee I ever tasted! :D

Also, a previous OOTD;

Top//F Block, Skirt//Cocolatte, Shoes//Polo

Bought a new set of jewelry - necklace and earrings for RM35 from Epcay. Me happy :D

This summarises what's been happening since I've been MIA lol.


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