16 April, 2014

Tokyo Trip - Day 1

Day 1 - Haneda, Roppongi, Omotesando, Odaiba, Ginza

Me and brother were in Tokyo for 8 days. We stayed in a hotel for a night and bunked with a cousin for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at Haneda airport slightly before 11pm. It was rather late for us to travel to the city at night with our luggage, so, I booked a hotel nearby the airport. The shuttle bus came to pick us and other passengers up. Everything was very efficient and well planed, also, the shuttle bus was provided by the hotel - free!

Our hotel room was very very small and compact but it was manageable since we stayed for only one night. We arrived at the hotel around 12am, checked in and went into our room, dumped our luggage and went straight to 7/11, Family Mart and Lawson :D The amount of snacks and food was amazing! 

Me and my messy packing lol. We checked out early the next morning and headed to the city - Tokyo! <3

We bunked with our cousin who stayed at Roppongi, and, beside her apartment had a Starbucks, Tsutaya and a grocery mart. We went to the mart every morning lol.

Awesome juicy, sweet, big and succulent strawberries! :D We ate strawberries almost everyday lol.

The amount of drinks!

On the way to Roppongi train station, and then to meet our cousin for lunch at Omotesando~

Omotesando! We arrived early so we decided to explore some back lanes lol. Came across this cool plant building.

Me weird face lol.

Lunch time; we ate at Aoyama Flower Market, Omotesando!

Beef stew.

Sakura Jelly <3

This flower shop/restaurant is really, really pretty! I would recommend anyone to stop by this place to have a look see, though I wouldn't say the food is very good; just so so, but, desserts - awesome!

Also, this place is somehow underrated, as in, not many foreigners know about it - most of the customers are locals. The queue is really long though!

After lunch, we headed off to Odaiba. You get to see this on the train! It was really beautiful :)

Cute crying bear.

Tokyo's remake of Statue of Liberty.

Plum trees!

Our first time trying Sakura Chocolate at Starbucks - it was an interesting flavour lol.

While walking around the mall, I saw these life sized anime figurings :D

We shopped for a bit at Odaiba (there are a few malls), then we headed to Ginza for dinner! Had a very typical Japanese meal but sadly I didn't take any photos of the food! ><

A friend of our cousin bought these for us to try for supper! How nice of him xD

Sakura mochi <3 But then again, a very interesting flavour lol. Sakura has a very different taste and it takes some time to get used to it lol.

We were really tired by night so we went to bed early to get a head start for the next day.

The end of Day 1


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