30 April, 2014

Tokyo Trip - Day 4

Day 4 - Asakusa, Akihabara, Shibuya, Omotesando

On our fourth day at Tokyo, we were much more relaxed and laid back. Instead of going around the city, we went to visit Sensoji Temple at Asakusa.

It was a very sunny yet chilly day. Everyday was around 10-12 celcius - very cold! Had to wear my winter coat all the time, and, even though its very sunny, you just can't beat the chill and wind lol. The wind at Tokyo can't be compared to Melbourne though - Melb is way worse.

Also, Asakusa is not as hectic as the heart of Tokyo, it is far more traditional and 'slower'. There were a lot of tourists at Asakusa actually. Well, I was one of them lol.

Breakfast :) Don't underestimate convenient stores' snacks! They're really yummy! :D

The entrance - Kaminarimon.

Nakamise Dori - a lot of touristy souvenirs.

Souvenirs ranges from keychains, food, toys, umbrellas, slippers, and a lot of traditional Japanese stuff.

Sensoji Temple.

Five Story Pagoda.

A kind Japanese man volunteered to take a photo of us. Wait, he actually snapped a lot of photos with my camera, my phone and his own camera for his own keeping lol. He even thought that my brother was my boyfriend -.-  But he was very nice and helpful! 

Its funny - I feel very tourist-ish during my trip at Tokyo because I don't dress nor look like Japanese (at least I don't feel like it) but many people mistake me as Japanese.

A white foreigner looked at me while showing his camera and kept saying, 'kudasai kudasai'. I spoke English to him but he continued saying 'kudasai kudasai'. You're welcome lol.

Ahhh. This heated lantern felt sooo nice in the cold xD

The view of Tokyo Skytree from the temple.

Okonomiyaki for lunch :)

At the bridge.

Next stop, Akihabara!

We got lost at Akihabara and walked around aimlessly for almost an hour because we didn't know which direction to go. Thank goodness we had 3G ><

Akihabara is really an anime paradise. There's mandarake, figurings, manga, and maid cafes almost everywhere. 

We went into a girly comic shop and I felt left out because I was the only girl in the shop - all the other customers were males lol.

Anddddddd.....around 4pm, I felt peckish and decided to try a Maid Cafe! <3

Out of all the maid cafes there, we tried Home Cafe :) I can't remember what street or where is it nearby to because it was very in promptu and random. Sadly, we couldn't take any photos of the maids or the place - the maids are so cute!!

I ordered a cup of hot Caramel Milk and this was what my server drew for me :D

Since I ordered a set of one meal and one drink, I get a free photo with one of my favourite maids!

She's so cute and adorable! Though her voice was quite annoying @.@ And I feel so plain standing beside her lol. 

What I can say about going to a maid cafe is that;

1) It is expensive and unreasonable
2) The service is good - they entertain you
3) There is an entrance fee - I paid 500 YEN per person
4) Food is just mediocre
5) Just go for a one time experience and enjoy the service
6) If you're looking to take photos - no can do
7) Be prepared to do some funny movements before you eat/drink - they will guide you

Anyway, that was a fun experience! - won't go back for a second time though lol.

Moving on, honestly, me and bro were bored walking around Akihabara. Maybe because we didn't have an aim to be there lol.

We went to Shibuya again that night and had dinner at Omotesando with cous! Can't remember the location and name of restaurant again ><

This meal felt like an Ikea meal lol.

Also, it was really really cold that night. I remember how bad I wanted to hide indoors >< Thank goodness we took a cab back to Roppongi. From there, we strolled back to the apartment.

Saw these beauties on the way! <3

I've never seen rainbow roses before! And yes they're real! :D

Blue roses - very pretty too :) Reminds me of the Blaue Rosen manga lol.

The end of Day 4

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