30 April, 2014

Tokyo Trip - Day 5

Day 5 - Disneyland, Maihama

This was the day we went to Disneyland! We weren't crazy excited but we looked forward to it - it was our first time to Disneyland after all.

We hoped to arrive at Maihama by 9am, but, we didn't wake up as early as planned. In the end, we reached Maihama around 11.30am ><

By the time we got down from the train station, IT WAS SO SO SO SO SO SO SO CROWDED! WHERE DO ALL THESE PEOPLE COME FROM??!??!

I lost my mood to be active lol. I ended up being lazy and didn't take many photos. The crowd was massive and the queue was insane.

Me and bro saw a long long long queue for one of the rides that we wanted to ride, so, we thought we were smart and proceeded to get a FASTPASS for that ride. It was 12PM when we got our FASTPASS. The time to return for the ride? - 9.30pm. We ditched the ride of course -.-

It was a sunny day but it was really cold too. Since there were crazy queues everywhere, we only managed to sit the not-so-amazing rides. The only fun rides we sat and enjoyed was Star Wars and Peter Pan. The Snow White ride was cool too but really creepy and scary ><

Also, the minimum waiting period for each ride is 30 minutes. Some queues can go on for 2 hours or more. We definitely skipped that. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I lost my mood because;

1) You don't get to ride many rides
2) You have to queue for ages (I really mean ages)
3) You don't get what you paid for (literally)
4) You can't walk freely because its so packed
5) Lastly, everything is so expensive at Disneyland

I know I'm ranting a lot here, but, ITS TRUE!

If you are planning to go to Disneyland or Disneysea, be prepared for what I just mentioned. Also, don't expect too much - like you will have a blast and ride all the rides and have no queuing worries.

Note: To avoid the long queue to buy tickets at Disneyland/Sea, purchase them online, print them out, and walk in like a VIP :D

The only thing I truly truly truly enjoyed was the parade - it was really awesome! You can tell that there's a lot of effort into everything. Stay back and watch the night parade too! - that one is the best! :D

Please excuse the blur photos lol.

I've uploaded some of the night parade videos on my Instagram - Rachchl. Do check it out!

Don't mind me. It was really really cold ><

It was really beautiful and magical :)


- I found that I wasted my time going to Disneyland because of Rant #1-5 (see above). The only enjoyable moment was the parade, but other than that, you can really do without it.

- If you are looking to buy Disneyland merchandise, you can get it outside of Disneyland - right outside Maihama train station there is a big store. In other words, you don't have to go into to Disneyland. BUT! If you are looking to buy Duffy merchandise, you can ONLY GET IT AT DISNEYSEA. 

- Enjoyable food to try at Disneyland are the Chocolate Popcorn (I ate so much lol) and the famous Turkey Leg; a big, juicy and delicious piece of meat for 500 YEN.

- Get yourself at least one souvenir! There are loads of different types of key chains there; I suggest you get yourself a special/unique/limited edition one. Though it is quite pricy, just one is enough then no more lol. Price per key chain is 700-1,000 YEN onwards.  

- Majority of the crowd at Disneyland are local Japanese high school students.

- The students there have a lot of Disney merchandise on them. I'm guessing that would be really expensive? >< 

- Do not be tempted to buy the headband/caps! Most likely you will wear it once and once only. Price per headband is 1,000 YEN onwards.

- Lastly, despite of what I ranted about, I'm not disappointed of Disneyland. Disneyland is truly a beautiful/magical/fun place. The only thing I was disappointed about was that I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest ><

Well, next time its Disney Sea lol.

The end of Day 5

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