26 May, 2014

Tokyo Trip - Day 6

Day 6 - Shinjuku, Takadanobaba

We had many plans for that day; Edo Castle, Shinjuku National Garden, and Yasukuni Shrine at Ichigaya. 

BUT! Sadly it rained :( We couldn't do much outdoor tourist-ish stuff, so, we stayed indoors most of the time. Thank goodness that day wasn't as cold as the rest but the rain made it chilly ><

The first place we stopped at Shinjuku was Kinokuniya. There are about 6 floors if I'm not mistaken, but, the only thing I was interested in are the magazines with free gifts lol. I don't know the term to describe it ><

 I settled for Lis Liza lol. The price is cheaper by double the price compared to Malaysia!

Price: 1,200 YEN (if I'm not mistaken). My first Liz Lisa product xD Super adorable collaboration with My Melody <3

Soba for lunch! A rather big portion I would say, because it came with rice too lol.

After that, we went to Muji, Uniqlo and GU.

I would recommend to visit GU. Its a clothing store similar to Uniqlo, but I find some things are much more cheaper. Fashion wise, not bad :)

Also, that day was the worst day ever for me;
1) My feet were super swollen
2) My bunions hurt like mad
3) I was limping most of the time
4) Had to sit down a lot
5) Walked really slow

Take it from me, don't follow what I did; walk non stop without resting, wearing tight shoes + socks.

I suffered a lot that day - it was painful. I felt so helpless and old T.T

Since my feet were aching, we rested and had tea at Loccitane Cafe.

This is the best chocolate creme brulee I've ever tasted! A very good choice indeed :)

We sat beside a bookshelf filled with books only about Provence, a perfect opportunity to read and relax :)

Omg my face so round ><

After that, we decided to go to Takadanobaba to have a look see at Shimamura.

I LOVE SHIMAMURA! The fashion is awesome and its affordable. The amount of clothes to shoes, bags, hair accessories and etc is awesome! A highly recommend place by me! :D

Store Location: Odaiba and Takadanobaba

Unfortunately, that was all we did at for the day. We went home early for the day due to my poor feet :( I feel sorry that my brother couldn't make the fullest of that day because of me ><

Walking continuously has taken its toll on me on Day 6. Don't worry, Day 7 will be better! :D

The end of Day 6


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