17 April, 2014

Tokyo Trip - Day 2

Day 2 - Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Takeshita Street, Yoyogi Park, Roppongi 

On our second day at Tokyo, we spent nearly our entire day at Harajuku. It was a Sunday and it was SUPER SUPER CROWDED. We were hoping to see some crazy cos-play or something but unfortunately, we didn't :(

First stop, Meiji Shrine.

A crowd taking selfie.

I took a selfie too lol.

Snack time! :D

Meiji Shrine was a really, really big area. Do expect a lot of walking and foreigners! Also, you have to wash your hands and mouth before entering the place but we skipped that lol. We were lucky to have also experienced a traditional Japanese wedding that took place at Meiji Shrine :)

After the shrine, we met up with cousin at Harajuku for awesome Ramen, at Kyushu Jangara :D

The soup was so rich, thick and creamy! And the meat, oh, the meat, was so succulent xD Go there early to avoid the long queue! =O

After lunch, it was all about Takeshita Street.

To me, it looked like a nicer China Town or Petaling Street. But the amount of people - YOU JUST CAN'T COMPARE.

WHERE DO ALL THESE PEOPLE COME FROM?!?! I was so shocked because I've never seen so many people in just one street. Walking to the end of the street was already a mission lol.

There were many interesting shops along Takeshita Street. I wanted to look at them all but I got lazy because the crowd was absurd. It was difficult enough just to cross to the other side, but we manage to pull through lol.

While walking, I saw a Liz Lisa store and had to go in! xD

Everything was so cute in Liz Lisa!!! The workers there are really pretty and dolly too. And I've checked that, almost every item in Liz Lisa costs a minimum of 5,000 YEN.

Okay, so we made it out of Takeshita Street without getting lost lol. We didn't really enjoy walking there since it was so crowded - we went back the next day.

Now, tea time at Godiva :D

There isn't a single Godiva cafe in Malaysia so we decided to give it a try. Cousin ordered Matcha White Chocolate Ice Blended for us and it was the best! xD

From the cafe's second floor, this is the view you get;

Also, I realised that the international brands such as H&M, Forever 21, Zara and Bershka have a minimum of 6 storeys high. Some even go up to 8 levels of clothing - fashion level beyond lol.

Camwhore mode on.

Surprisingly, it wasn't so cold on that day. It was fine to remove my winter coat at some point, but it gets really cold as the sun sets ><

Moving on to Yoyogi Park!

Pretty plum trees <3

Bubbles at the park :D

The park was really cold >< And there were many people strolling around - it was a very peaceful and relaxing time there :) Though I wished it wasn't so cold and there would be more flowers lol.

After Yoyogi Park, its dinner time.

We had a rather interesting dinner; Luda's Bar - Dragon Quest at Roppongi. 

Themed drinks.

 Purple Pasta.

Curry on Rice.

I thought it was a cool experience even though I'm not a fan of Dragon Quest. I wasn't really fond of the idea that we had to stand and eat though =/ And the food was just alright. Would be cool for Dragon Quest lovers; since it would be relatable. 

After dinner, me and bro shopped at Donki for a while before we headed home. I LOVE DONKI. ITS THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP FOR EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. Plus its not very expensive and they have a lot of cool and random things there lol.

The end of Day 2


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